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Sustainable Innovative Packaging by 5 companies

Science Jul 15, 2020 at 14:42

Sustainable Innovative Packaging by 5 companies

In recent times innovative sustainable packaging gaining momentum as this is addressing consumer demands. Besides, sustainable packaging tackling ongoing plastic waste issues. Hence, manufacturers are seeking sustainable solutions accentuating with modern design innovations.

Innovative Sustainable Packaging by Multinational Food Packaging Companies

Tetra Pak recently introduced the Tetra Classic Aseptic 65ml cube packaging solution. The innovative packaging solution takes up less space. Additionally optimizing distribution and storage. Tetra Pak also offering digital printing on its packaging. The technology simplifies the complexity of design handling thereby reducing the time from design to print.

Sustainable Disposable Products

Its high time now to address industrial wastes. With this in mind, foodservice packaging looking for new ways to change the way of handling waste. Eco-Products, a US-based company is on its mission to provide sustainable food servicing packaging products. The company produces items from renewable and recycled resources. The items include hot and cold cups, paper food containers, utensils, stir sticks, liners, and bags. The company’s latest launch is Cold Cup Sip Lids. These products addressing the consumer demand for sustainable packaging solutions. Subsequently, the lid prevents spills thereby discarding the use of a drinking straw.

Lickalix’s Award-Winning Plant-based Innovative Sustainable Packaging

Lickalix, the UK handmade natural ice lolly company, is the first to be awarded the plastic-free trust mark by the environmental campaign group. Currently, the company is focusing on producing 100 % compostable plant-based packaging. Furthermore, The new packaging solution is aiming to avoid the release of harmful substances into the environment. The brand is also catering to kids and adults alike with its innovations in the form of inventive flavors.

More Brands are Coming forward with their Innovative Packaging Technologies

CanO Water brand is offering two ranges of water that reiterates the minimalist packaging design trend set for the industry. Smol, is a UK laundry detergent capsule delivery company, wherein detergents made from 90% recycled polyethylene terephthalate are designed to be watertight. Its cent percent water laundry capsules use fewer plastics than its competitors.