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Bluetooth Hearing Aids Best Aids for Lifestyle

Healthcare Oct 10, 2020 at 15:17

Bluetooth Hearing Aids Best Aids for Lifestyle

In the past hearing aids’ access to devices such as mobile phones and music, players were limited. But, now the scenario has completely changed with the introduction of sophisticated wireless hearing aids. For instance, Opntm from Oticon. It uses Bluetooth technology to make it possible to connect with personal electronic devices.

Bluetooth Wireless Communication and Hearing Aids

Bluetooth is a wireless communication platform. It allows transferring data between two or more electronic devices. This communication platform uses radio waves set to a high frequency to transmit data without interference or security risks. Bluetooth communication platform connects with mobile phones, music players, computers, tablets, and televisions. Renown brand Apple has patented Bluetooth connectivity with hearing aids. The connectivity enables direct communication with the iOS platform that runs the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices without extreme stress on battery power. Hearing aids that are not compatible with the iPhone, can use streamers. Streamers provide a communication link between the wireless technology in the hearing aids and any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Benefits of Streaming Via Bluetooth

Streamer provides opportunities such as a personalized listening experience wherein the streamed signal can be amplified and shaped to match the hearing aid’s personalized settings. One streamer can connect with multiple devices so the user can switch between different devices. Furthermore, there are capabilities for remotely changing the volume or program from the streamer which is beneficial for hearing aids, as the hearing aids are too small to accommodate external control.

Benefits to Look For

Bluetooth wireless communication platform enables a user to hear phone conversations more clearly by connecting a hearing aid to Bluetooth. It directly send the phone conversations. It streams music directly to Bluetooth hearing aids so that the user can listen to the music or even the sound of television at his preferred volume. Hands-free connection transfers data ranging around 300 feet. It makes the life of a user far easier with phone apps specifically designed for Bluetooth hearing aids.