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Commercial Telematics – A Way to Sustainability

Business Oct 11, 2020 at 14:08

Commercial Telematics – A Way to Sustainability

Commercial telematics support networks between commercial vehicles, fleet, and IT applications thereby improving productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. Demand for commercial telematics increasing due to the adoption of NGTP and growing concern over security and privacy. COVID-19 pandemic is creating new opportunities in subsequent quarters.

Increasing Penetration of 5G Technology

Increasing penetration of 5G technology will cast a positive impact on the commercial telematics demand as internet access will allow the seamless operation of telematics applications. The shift of 4G long -term evolution to 5G technology will allow software updates at a faster pace than 4G LTE over-the-air networks.

Increasing Adoption of Next-Generation Telematics Protocol

The next-generation telematics protocol rendering impact on commercial telematics. A technology that was initially developed between BMW Connexis and WirelessCar. It aims to provide greater flexibility and scalability to the automotive, telematics, and in-vehicle technology industries. The technology provides better connectivity and integration of data and services between drivers, passengers, and the vehicle itself.

Research and Development to be the Key Focus of the Leading Vendors

Vehicle and fleet owners always lookout for safe and efficient driver behavior which not only saves the cost but also reduces accidents. Cartrack offers cost-effective cloud-based fleet management to collect customer data predicted by real-time actionable business intelligence. The technology is delivered as a Software-as-a-Service platform. Cartrack data center collects the customer data securely. Also, it provides a cloud service to the customers.

Daimler’s fleet management system keeps tabs on buses worldwide at all times. Also, the system evaluates the driving style and exploitation of savings potential and archive tachograph data. It analyses operating data and optimizes maintenance planning. In recent years, commercial telematics is growing at a rapid pace. IT is providing scope of safety, security, and vehicle tracking. Moreover, telematics is becoming mandatory in China and India. A report suggests that commercial telematics making sea changes in logistics, agriculture, and healthcare. Furthermore, telematics-related technology is improving service including in-vehicle infotainment thereby bringing together hands-free phones, traffic warnings, and climate control. In addition, connectivity through telematics providing opportunities for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication.