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Infrared Cameras in Healthcare System

Healthcare May 12, 2020 at 17:42

Infrared Cameras in Healthcare System

Healthcare staff and doctors are increasingly using infrared cameras in the healthcare system. Body temperature is an essential indicator of the health of a person because of the slightest change in temperature determines anomaly in a patient’s body. The diagnostic procedures are non-invasive and non-contact. Infrared cameras are not only patient-friendly but also turned out to be advantageous to doctors. It gives a detailed image of the patient’s body temperature distribution.

Advantage of Infrared Cameras Over Normal Thermometers in the Healthcare System

The main advantage of infrared thermometers is that it can measure the temperature of a body without bringing the device in contact thereby limiting the chances of any kind of transmission of infection. The liquid crystal thermometers and digital clinical thermometers come with certain disadvantages. The mercury-filled glass thermometers fail to detect extreme hypothermia or even mild hypothermia but electronic thermometers detect the slightest change in temperature. Electronic thermometers have wide range accuracy. It has thermistors as sensors thereby reducing the chances of operator error. Though electronic thermometers are user-friendly, infrared thermometers are preferred nowadays. As the device takes body temperatures without contacting the person thereby reducing the chances of infection and the spread of transferrable diseases.

The Thermal Resolution of Infrared Camera Systems in the Healthcare System

The thermal resolution of infrared cameras helps to detect the smallest differences in temperature. Detecting even the slightest temperature difference can be a crucial factor for a successful diagnosis because the slightest change in temperature may be an indicator of infection or invasion of chronic disease. Infrared camera’s thermal resolution can detect temperature changes of eyes or skin reactions like perspiration thus far better than regular clinical temperature.

How Infrared Cameras Can Bring Change in COVID-19 Pandemic Ridden Countries

The world is facing unprecedented challenges due to coronavirus pandemic which has created a major health crisis. It has spread to every continent except Antarctica. The pandemic is moving like a wave affecting every aspect of life. To contain the spread of the virus, governments of affected countries are limiting travel. Authorities have quarantining citizens and testing people as strong protective measures while trying to keep the economy growing. The World Health Organization recommended temperature screening at the workplace. Non-contact infrared thermometry has become a necessity to check the temperature of people and workers to prevent the spread of the virus. It is critical to re-open businesses, factories’ construction sites to revive the economy. Hence the temperature check of workers, employees, and staff has become a must to help in containment.