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Cyber Attack on Colonial Pipeline alarms the US Foundation

Technology May 15, 2021 at 12:57

Cyber Attack on Colonial Pipeline alarms the US Foundation

The attack on Colonial Pipeline exposes the unprotected aspects in the significant US foundation.

Colonial Pipeline is striving to revive processes post cyber attack. The company is taking shielding measures by taking the system offline, endangering the supply of refined petroleum commodities to gasoline terminals in the eastern US cities.

Operating the largest chain of gasoline and diesel pipeline system in the US, Colonial has chartered a third-party cybersecurity firm to inspect and review the enigma and has communicated with law implementation and other official bureaus. It’s working towards minimizing the disturbances caused to the consumers.

The hacking warnings to the infrastructure are increasing, indicating the White House to have a counterplan to strengthen the security of services and their suppliers.
The shutdown even after being reached its third day, the president legislation has released controls for the transportation of petrol commodities on expressways with the intention to bypass agitations in the fuel stocks.

The initial step is to spot and define the security loopholes in the digital framework, before proceeding to another division.

Even though the gas charges are not likely to be altered but this event has to be the most critical cyber attack to date on the US foundation and should act as an alarming condition to all the organizations concerning the unguarded conditions they encounter.

This is a growing concern because the Pipeline performs a necessary function in numerous sectors of the US economy.
Georgia-based Colonial Pipeline provides gasoline and additional ammunition from Texas to the North East. It caters to roughly 45% of the fuel consumption on the East Coast. It can move 2.5 million barrels daily from the Gulf Coast to Linden, New Jersey. It fulfills the supply requirements of gas, diesel, and jet fuel to distributors and airports from Houston to New York.

It was hit by a ransomware invasion, in which hackers encrypt data, paralyze systems, and demand a huge payoff to unscramble it.

With communication with government enforcement and other central bureaus, Colonial Pipeline is acting in the means to revive some of its IT Systems. Although they didn’t declare who made the demand or what was demanded, the culprit has been anonymously been identified as DarkSide. It is one of the groups that has professionalized a crime-based activity that has cost the Western Nations nearly about billion dollars in the past 3 years.