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What Protein Can Do for Beauty Products?

News of the day Oct 16, 2019 at 10:31

What Protein Can Do for Beauty Products?

Protein is key to good health, and we don’t take any chance while preparing food for our family. We try to prepare protein-rich diets and end up our day feeling guilt-free. Have you ever thought, sometimes guilt-free days don’t make us happy but Why? Well, I have no clear answer to this. Perhaps we like to cheat ourselves too. Though I don’t want to sound preachy, I can’t help. We cannot deny that protein is the structural and functional basis of our body but the protein in beauty products?

Role of Proteins in Cosmetics

Proteins create a suitable environment for healthy skin and hair. The reason is its ability to bind water with the dry layer of our skin. Rather than depending on conjugated proteins, cosmetic industries rely on pure protein.

Protein-Based Beauty Products

Lately, protein-based shampoos, serums face creams that are flooding the market. Why are beauty and personal care product companies suddenly investing in protein-based products? The answer is quite mind-boggling. Protein comprises of amino acids that do wonder to our skin. The application of protein on our skin makes it supple and stronger. Eager to know how?

Protein in Beauty Products

A bit of scientific explanation will clear our curiosity. Proteins are converted into a soluble form and cut into smaller pieces. The smaller pieces make their way into water-soluble beauty products. Proteins are blended with antioxidants, skin-soothing, and skin-replenishing ingredients and voila! I am sure; you cant prevent yourselves from falling in love with the results.


Cosmetic industries used proteins derived from animals. Currently, the trend which is getting popular in cosmetic industries is protein from fungi and algae. The proteins of algae renovate skin cells. The mucous substance of algae protects the skin from drying and chlorophyll of algae supplies oxygen to the surface. That’s why cosmetic industries cannot live without it. We can rely on protein for our good healthy skin and hair too. Yes, it’s true. Keratin makes our hair. Keratin gives structure to our hair, thereby giving strength and shape. Protein gives luster to our hair and makes it bouncy and healthy.