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Walnut Oil- A oil that Boost Our Mental and Physical Health

Healthcare Ноя 10, 2019 at 11:35

Walnut Oil- A oil that Boost Our Mental and Physical Health

Walnut, a nutty dry fruit, loaded with protein but also omega 3-fatty acids that are crunchy and nutty with full of healthy fats. Walnut, a perfect snack for health freaks, loaded with not only healthful nutrients but also some mysterious ingredients. It comes in various forms. Raw or roasted. Salted or unsalted. And oil. Wait. What! Walnut oil?

Walnut: More than Being Walnutty

Walnut oil when graded, toasted or cold-pressed, comes out into an interesting version. A chef s choice for cold dishes such as salad dressing. A nutty flavoured oil which is not suitable at high-temperature cooking. Cold-pressed walnut oil is more expensive as compared to the refined one. Who else vouched for its magical touch? Renaissance painters. Surprised? Quick-drying time and lack of yellow tint feature made it indispensable for painters.

Walnut Oil and Its Health Benefits

Walnut oil is laden with omega-three and omega-six fatty acids. Omega–three and omega -six gives a positive effect on blood pressure and cholesterol level. It is one of the most favourite cosmetic oil which contains linoleic acid. A good massage oil thereby leaves our skin feeling healthy and pleasant.

A Bit of Market News

The two major type walnuts are the Persian walnut and the Black walnut. The one we are most familiar is the English walnut. English walnut carries a fascinating history. English walnut tree was first grown in Hanging Gardens of Babylon, but it got rechristened to English walnut. Do you know how? Well, English walnut got its name from English merchants who introduced it to the world. Let’s talk about the black one too, which got its name for its colour. Jokes apart, black walnut is earthy in flavour and are more like a wild version of walnut.

Am I Going Nuts Over Walnuts

The answer is negative. I m not a walnut lover. Then? What drags me, in this nutty affair? Is it the oil? No. It’s the walnut cake that drives me crazy. My love for walnut cake led me to delve into nutty history with the crunchy present. Walnut oil won’t disappoint you too. Walnut oil is a great stress buster. Do you want to try?