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Tagatose | Not an Ordinary Sugar

Healthcare Oct 20, 2019 at 10:20

Tagatose | Not an Ordinary Sugar

Sugar tales which is not so sugary the way we are expecting. When we talk about sugar, the image that comes in our mind are of desserts sweets chocolates mousse and so on. Have we ever wondered, what makes it so flavorful? And it is none other than tagatose. If we go by definition, then it’s a sweeteners whose texture is similar to sucrose. We can find it in food, where we are expecting it the least.

Why are We Opting For This Alternative?

The answer lies, in its properties. Like sucrose and fructose, we can find tagatose in nature. This is least likely to affect our blood sugar levels. When we compare its calorific value with ordinary sugar, surprisingly its very low.

No Rise in the Glycemic Index

Though it has less calorific value than ordinary sugar but has the same sweet flavour. It has a low glycemic index which is a most beneficial companion in our fight with obesity. It is also helpful for people with diabetes who are following a low glycemic diet. It is a low-carry sweetener is a boon to people with diabetes, who can enjoy sweet food.

How to Obtain Tagatose from a Natural Source?

We can find tagatose in lactose or milk sugar but the process is not so easy as it sounds. We can get pure tagatose only after it has gone through multiple steps like hydrolysis process and then enzymatic process. Finally, after purification, we get the pure tagatose crystal whose taste is as sweet as sucrose.

Where Can We Find Tagatose?

We can find it in chewing gum, dairy products, diet soft drinks, frostings, frozen yoghurt, hard and soft confectioneries ready -to- eat cereals. So next time while venturing any grocery with a determination to lead a healthy life, just go for tagatose based products.