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Substance Abuse Disorder- Closely Intertwined with An Emotional Disorder

Healthcare Дек 15, 2019 at 16:11

Substance Abuse Disorder- Closely Intertwined with An Emotional Disorder

What is a Substance Abuse Disorder?

An ardent need for substance in a way that does not sync into sociocultural norms. Its also known as substance abuse disorder and scaled from mild to moderate to severe. A disease that is closely intertwined with an emotional disturbance; however, it is not the real situation. One condition leads to another; that is how professionals in healthcare interpret. Whatever may be the condition, people who struggle with substance abuse disorder situations must be treated.

How is an Emotional Disorder Different From Substance Abuse Disorder?

An emotional disorder is not a result of any organic abnormality. But together with alcoholism or addiction, it can lead to severe behavioral and emotional disturbances.

What are the Causes of Substance-related Disorder?

There is a range of substance abuse disorders that have underlying causes. We need to understand the primary reason that leads to substance abuse? Traumatic events shape us. There are many types of trauma, such as physical or sexual assault. Parental neglect of ongoing harassment can also lead to trauma. Accidents like fire or car crashes cause a high level of stress because these events effect emotionally and physically.

What are the Symptoms of Substance-related Disorder?

Rather than outward sign, its the behavior to look for. It affects lives, work, and relationships. Generally, if a person is abusing drugs, they fail to manage responsibilities at work or at home. Mood swings, increased irritability, agitation paranoia, to name a few. In some cases, physiological symptoms can be seen as well — the inability to focus, trembling or sweating, slurring speech, clumsiness, and lack of balance. A few drugs have such an effect on the body that can change the person’s appearance. One of the most unusual behaviors that can occur in a person using drugs is sudden outbursts.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorder

Often people who have mental stress or problem try to solve the problem by self-medication. A ubiquitous example is the use of alcohol. But mental health problems do not always lead to substance abuse disorder. Similarly, substance abuse disorder cannot be treated with mental healthcare, as well. Still, the correlation is strong enough to be ignored.

Myths Surrounding Addiction

There are always two sides to stories, and addiction is no way different, either. Addiction is not a disease but a choice. This is not the case. Addiction is a disease. It affects people. But why people believe in this myth? Many of them think that its a choice. A choice that does require a conscious decision. But choices alone do not determine a disease. Another myth is that it does not require medical intervention. Not all forms need medical intervention. People with a mild addiction may find recovery with little or no professional help.

Addiction- A Disease that Needs Treatment

Addiction is a disease, similar to hypertension or diabetes. These diseases require long treatment. The same with addiction. Addiction changes the brain’s response to specific situations and needs treatment. The most common method is a combination of inpatient and outpatient programs. The procedure involves a combination of approaches. Treatments for addictive disorders vary from person to person.