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Through The Eyes of Remotely Operated Vehicles-Unfolding Deep-Sea

Technology Nov 5, 2018 at 12:40

Through The Eyes of Remotely Operated Vehicles-Unfolding Deep-Sea

What are Remotely Operated Vehicles

When we talk about deep-sea or the ocean, the things that come into our mind are blue water and sailing ships. If we are hyper imaginative, then we fantasize about mermaids too. Jokes apart, the deep blue sea has something more to offer. It’s all about science and innovations that are unfolding deep-sea mysteries. If we dive some 4000 meters below the deep-sea surface, we will find the ocean bed is offering us copper, nickel, manganese, and precious ores. But is it possible to dive into such depth? The answer to our query is affirmative. The remotely operated vehicles have made it possible.

Who Gives Us this Vital Information?

It’s none other than a remotely operated underwater vehicle. Are you eager to know about its construction? Well, remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) consists of a large floatation pack on top of an aluminum chassis, which provides necessary buoyancy to perform various tasks.

How Does it Work?

ROVs harvest the ocean floor with drills and other cutting tools and analyze rare earth materials for us. Isn’t this make us more curious to know more about it? Well, two technologies bucket system(CLB) and hydraulic suction system help in this operation. Companies and nations have always promised to extract valuable ores from the depths, but we were skeptical. And now we use ROVs for commercial, military, or business purposes.

A Brief History to Share

Dmitry years, Rebikoff created the name ROV in 1953. Army of the United States developed ROV to lift the mines in the seabed. 225-VN and VN-150 ROVs by HydroProducts participated in this operation. Today, ROVs have become an integral part of deep-sea exploration.

Future Impact of Remotely Operated Vehicles

Whenever we think about mining, we can’t go beyond terrestrial mining operations. All those earth moving machines digging the soil to bedrock to extract gold, copper, coal, and so on. Offshore mining or deep-sea mining is entirely new to us. ROVs made it possible not only to unfold the mysteries lying under the sea but the precious metals to our reach.