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Reefer – A Smart Answer to Perishable Goods Transportation

Business Nov 6, 2019 at 10:08

Reefer – A Smart Answer to Perishable Goods Transportation

What is Reefer Container

Reefer containers, a portable solution to long and short term storage. Load goods into reefer containers for long-distance journeys and rest assured to get fresh products. When goods transported over the road or take sea route, they are plugged into the power station on ships thus, preventing it from spoilage. Smart energy systems can also power it. Intelligent energy systems have become a stylish alternative to diesel generators. Reefer makes a temperature-dependent cargo like food and medicine easy.

A Brief History

Reefer container revolutionised the world of transport with its unique features of controlling the temperature to store perishable goods during transportation. With time the reefer technology improved, thereby promoting seaborne perishable trade each year. History finds that original shipping was only for dry cargo. But What about temperature-sensitive perishable goods? Scientists overcame this challenge, thereby introducing a refrigerated container(reefer) in 60 s. Reefers cooling capabilities made the transportation of perishable products easy.

Types of Refrigerated Containers

Two types of reefers are now revolutionising the world of sea transport systems. One is a pothole container and another integrated container. Integrated containers are getting an edge over pothole container due to its advanced features. The integrated box is making transportation more accessible and more independent. The newer version is transitioning both sea and land routes smoothly.

How it Works

Both Types keep the goods fresh by pumping cold air at the bottom of the unit circulating over and through the items. Grated floor and corrugated walls increase efficiency.

Multiple Utilities

Reefer’s store food for significant events such as conferences, factory storage, and even for disaster relief. Curious to know how it is helpful? It keeps the goods inside preserved even after delivery.

Refrigerator Benefits Rocking the transport world

Easy transport and set up, varied power options flexibility and durability giving an edge over the regular transport