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Hamburg shooting: Ex-congregation member took his own life after killing six people and unborn baby — police

News Мар 10, 2023 at 13:46

Hamburg shooting: Ex-congregation member took his own life after killing six people and unborn baby - police

Police also revealed they had received an anonymous letter in January saying the attacker, named as 35-year-old Philipp F, should not be allowed to have weapons.

The unborn baby of a woman who was seven months pregnant was among those killed during a mass shooting at a Jehovah’s Witness building in the German city of Hamburg.

Police identified the gunman as Philipp F, a 35-year-old German with no prior offences who had been a member of the congregation — but had left 18 months ago with «ill feelings».

Police said they had received conflicting reports as to whether he was excluded or left of his own accord.

They also revealed an anonymous letter had been sent to officers in January saying the attacker should not be allowed to have weapons and that he might be suffering from a mental illness.

The letter also said he was «enraged» with Jehovah’s Witnesses and a former employer.

Two police officers visited the gunman’s apartment unannounced in February after receiving the anonymous letter to perform a check but found he was «cooperative» and did not remove his weapon.

Six people and an unborn baby died in the incident, as well as the attacker who took his own life.

Officials also said:

  • Among the dead were four men and two women and the unborn baby. Police confirmed the attacker was not related to any of those killed. All were German citizens.
  • The mother of the unborn child survived the shooting.
  • Eight people were wounded, four of them seriously. Six of the eight injured are German, one is Ugandan and one is Ukrainian.
  • There were 50 people in the congregation at the time of the shooting. Twenty were able to flee from the building unharmed when the gunman entered.

At a news conference, Hamburg’s interior minister Andy Grote said the lone gunman was isolated by police when he ran to the floor above where the shooting took place and took his own life.