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Control Valves – An Answer to Short Supply of Clean Potable Water

Science Oct 12, 2020 at 15:22

Control Valves – An Answer to Short Supply of Clean Potable Water

To cope up with the rising demand for energy and clean supply of clean potable water which is increasingly in short supply, an increasing number of the water treatment plant is being built. control valves help to reduce water losses and contribute to efficient water supply and minimize the risk of contamination as well. Furthermore, there is a great demand for control valves from pharmaceutical industries to develop a sophisticated fluid handling system. The sophisticated fluid handling system improves hygiene as these valves help in regulating temperature, pressure, and fluid level. The oil and gas industry using valves to control the flow of the liquid, change the direction, regulate pressure, and filter debris.

Control Valves Finding Application in the Oil and Gas Sector

The oil and gas industry vouch for control valves. The control valves find application in upstream, midstream, and downstream operations. The ball valve handles all fluid types. A butterfly valve and gate valve causes excessive seat wear. Several new projects in the US are promoting the construction of new pipelines for transporting shale oil, which is in great demand.

Leading Players Adopting Organic Strategies and Developing Products

Control valve manufacturers are developing innovative control valve and their components including valve positioners and smart actuators. Also, the introduction of the Internet of Things and automation tools in actuators has increased its demand in the oil and gas sector. Also, control valve finding application in paper and pulp, textiles, and agriculture.

IoT in the Processing Industry

In recent years, the processing industry is adopting IoT technology increasingly to improve the performance and efficiency of the control valves. IoT technology is not only maintaining cost but also creating a more secure work environment. The smart control valve comes with a sensor that monitors its physical properties. The monitoring system compares the device data. Thereafter the system sends an alert to the plant supervisor if the valve operating below the pre-set threshold.