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Big Data on Groundbreaking Research & Policymaking to Combat COVID-19

Science Авг 12, 2020 at 15:06

Big Data on Groundbreaking Research & Policymaking to Combat COVID-19

Big data is continually enabling the development of groundbreaking research and policymaking to combat COVID-19. The research is based on data-driven insights to encapsulate foot traffic data and social distancing metrics relevant to the pandemic. Big data playing a significant role in outlining sustainable future policies.

Data Scientists at CDC Creating Healthcare Responses

Scientists at the CDC focusing on creating data-driven healthcare responses. The scientists are analyzing foot traffic to understand where the COVID-19 has the potential to spread. In addition to this, they are also analyzing foot traffic to identify whether or not social distancing measures are being respected. Datasets and dashboards playing a significant role in tracking the impacts of re-opening the economy.

Scientists Decoding Toughest Socio-Economic Questions

Scientists are depending on data to understand the impact and spread of coronavirus pandemic. It is shaping the global response to this pandemic. Various factors such as lockdown, travel restrictions, political affiliation contributing to shaping up the response. Decisions are being made on re-opening businesses and assessing the risks given the spread of COVID-19. The researchers combined SafeGraph Patterns with SafeGraph Polygons to assess the dwelling time of a person in the same location.

Policy Largely Depending on Data Acquired

Governments in various countries are depending on scientists to tailor out new policies. Besides, it is helping governments to impede the spread of the virus. Subsequently, mitigating the toll on the public healthcare system. Lockdown is easing. Businesses are reopening but the scenario is starkly different from the pre-COVID era. However, policies are aligning with social and hygiene guidelines now. It ensures effective policies to stem the further spread of the virus. To bring back the economy on track while being vigilant on consumers’ health, subsequently shaping up the future in the post COVID era.