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Alland & Robert Launches Clean Label Hydrocolloid Solution

Business Jun 27, 2017 at 19:14

Alland & Robert Launches Clean Label Hydrocolloid Solution

Alland & Robert, a company with over 130 years of expertise and research on natural plant exudates, is an international leader in acacia gum. Now it is adding something new to the clean label products and natural foods marketplace by launching the Syndeo range.

The Syndeo range is based on a blend of natural and vegetal hydrocolloids that can be used as a functional additive in food and drinks, including dairy-free beverages. The range is GMO-free and is said to improve mouthfeel and enhance moisture retention. Its blend is made of a soluble fiber with no additives, preservatives or allergens, and it contains no sugar so it can be used in no-added-sugar or sugar-free recipes.

How does this range fit in with industry trends? “It is based on a completely natural blend of hydrocolloids, so it’s really responding to all the requests for natural and clean label products,” says Violaine Fauvarque, Alland & Robert’s Marketing Manager. “It’s very multifunctional and allows companies to use one additive instead of two; so it’s very much in line with what the food industry is asking for.”

Syndeo promises to meet additional demands in the beverage market, too. Thanks to the rise of vegan, paleo, gluten free and other specialist diets all over the world, the market for dairy-free beverages, in particular, is growing rapidly. Soy, nut and rice-based alternatives to popular drinks are now widely available. These drinks, however, must also please consumers when it comes to texture, sensory experience and clean label requirements.

“The market for beverages for people on specialist diets is increasing at a great pace, and Syndeo is perfect for that,” Fauvarque adds. “We are doing research and development to establish synergy between the Syndeo range and the products used in the milk. The Syndeo range is also used to stabilize the texture of the soy or nuts that will be used to create the milk.”

Alland & Robert believes that it has devoted enough time to R&D to ensure that the new Syndeo range is already very useful in this market. Fauvarque points out that it acts as an effective suspending particulate agent, stopping beverages from separating and ensuring optimum taste, and it is said to bring texture and mouthfeel improvement to vegetable-based milk substitutes.

The company is eyeing numerous future opportunities for acacia gum. “We always go where food trends take us,” insists Fauvarque. “We are always looking for new applications for acacia gum. Everywhere we are seeing new products that could benefit, like dairy-free beverages, vegetable butters and oil-free dressings. People keep asking for healthier, safer products,” she concludes.

Alland & Robert

Alland & Robert is an international leader manufacturer of natural tree exudates, with a strong focus on acacia gum, an entirely natural additive or ingredient. Alland & Robert offers its clients the best natural gums thanks to a large network of raw material suppliers to ensure safety of supply, an ambitious quality insurance policy and international certifications, a dedicated R&D team and partnerships with internationally recognized universities and a commitment towards sustainability and active corporate responsibility policy.

Alland & Robert offers both senegal and seyal grades of gum acacia, useful for many applications:

– Confectionery: regular and sugar free coating, gum drops
– Flavors: emulsions, encapsulation, bulking agent
– Beverage: emulsions, stabilizations
– Wine: stabilization of coloring matters, mouth feel improvement
– Dairy products: fiber claim
– Dietary products: soluble fiber, health benefit
– Snacking: natural glue
– Bakery: extruded products
– Pharmaceutical products: coating, tableting
– Cosmetics: thickening agent
– Technical: carbonless paper, agglomerating agents

Furthermore, Alland & Robert is the leader of gum karaya, mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

As an expert in gum acacia and gum karaya, Alland & Robert offers extensive products and services:

– Safe and sustainable supplying – traceability of raw material
– High production and storage capacity – security and stability
– Dedicated lab and R&D team – experts in gum acacia
– Strong worldwide distributor network – flexibility and proximity